Best Crossbow Target For Over 400 FPS

These days, crossbows are getting powerful with every passing day. Therefore, many companies are also manufacturing stronger crossbow targets for a better practicing experience. So, if you are also one of those who like to practice their archery skills daily, then you should also go for the best crossbow target for over 400 fps at least because anything less than that might not be enough for you. However, if you are new to archery and just starting, you can go for a lighter version and get a target for 350 fps.

Thus, without going into details first, let us have a look at some of our top picks for the best crossbow target for over 400fps. 

  1.  SpyderWeb XT 14XL Archery and Crossbow Target

Spiderweb manufactures some of the best crossbow targets for shooting over 400fps. And this one is no different. SpyderWeb XT is a block target. It is made with silk woven strands that can endure penetration of 6 to 8 inches. 

The revolutionary ‘Spylar’ technology is robust and hard to be destroyed. Furthermore, it has a weatherproof construction, therefore, it remains protected from both rains and ground moisture, which becomes a  main problem during the winter season.

It can easily take arrow abuse of up to 500fps, which is a very safe range for professional hunters and archery players. 

Moreover, the block target is stuffed with self-healing foam. Though the woven strands on the outside allow very little penetration, however, if any high-speed target gets stuck into the target, then don’t worry about the target or arrowhead getting damaged. 

The self-healing foam strands get pushed to the side whenever an arrowhead tries to pass through it. In this way, the removal of arrows becomes easier and the target remains protected from damage. 

Reviewing all of the qualities of this block target, it is evident that this target is perfect for shooting over 400fps. It is not much expensive and has a durable construction. 


  • Allows shooting up to 500fps.
  • Made with tough woven strands.
  • Stuffed with self-healing foam.
  • Can handle a wide range of arrow sizes. 
  • Allows penetration of up to 8 inches.
  • Weatherproof design.


  • Only two shooting sides.
  • Foam fillings do not go well with field point arrows. 
  1.  Morrell Big High Roller XL Target 

With a unique design and great arrow stopping potential, this target enters our list for the best crossbow targets. Equipped with ‘Offset Bullseye Technology,’ this target is stuffed with the company’s signature ‘High Roller Foam.’ 

The ‘High Roller Foam’ is basically the self-healing foam that provides resistance against damage from arrows. Furthermore, it is made with weatherproof substances and is painted with fade-resistant color. This means that you can rely on this target for outdoor shooting or hunting without worrying about the target getting damaged.

Thanks to its solid construction, this target is capable of withstanding up to 500fps of shooting. In terms of durability and reliability, this target again wins. It can easily be used with compound bows, youth bows, and traditional bows. And as far as arrows are concerned, field points and broadhead arrows are best compatible with this target. 

Morrell Big High Roller is a 3D-shaped block target. Most block targets have multiple shooting sides. However, this target block only has 5 shooting sides, which is probably the only disadvantage with this target. 


  • Allows over 500fps of shooting.
  • Made with ‘High Roller’ flex self-healing foam.
  • Contains ‘Offset Bullseye Technology.’
  • Affordable.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Painted with fade-resistant colors.
  • Reliable with most types of bows.
  • Compatible with both field point and broadhead arrows.


  • Few tuning faces.
  1.  SpyderWeb ST 18XL Field Point Crossbow Block Target

SyperWeb undoubtedly makes some of the best targets that can easily endure hardcore shooting. SyperWeb ST 18XL is a woven facing block target stuffed with self-healing foam. 

Thanks to the self-healing foam, this target allows arrow penetration of 6 to 8 inches. With woven outside and foam inside, ‘SyperWeb 18XL’  has no speed limit. The target can easily withstand shooting of up to 500fps. 

However, not every arrow is compatible with this block target. Field point arrows are best matches, while broadhead arrows should be avoided on this target. And as far as arrows are concerned, this target is suitable with almost every type of bow. 

And since it is made weather-resistant, you can take this target to your hunting trips or outdoor archery practices without worrying about it getting damaged. 

Furthermore, with this product, you won’t need a stand. It has firm construction and does not move or fall. However, unlike most block targets, it features a single tuning face, which might not be enough for archery practice purposes.


  • Can withstand 500fps of shooting.
  • Affordable.
  • Made with self-healing foam.
  • Allows 6-8 inches of arrow penetration.
  • Best compatible with field point arrows.


  • Not suitable with broadhead arrows.
  • Only one tuning face.
  1.  Real Wild 3D Big Buck Archery Target 

The Real Wild 3D Big Buck Archery Target is a three-dimensional target that comes at a relatively affordable price. This 3D target is sized to resemble a 200-pound whitetail deer, is built entirely of foam, and can stop arrows traveling at 500 feet per second. 

The Real Wild 3D target is available in three different sizes, the biggest of which fits perfectly on crossbow bolts.

A whitetail deer’s usual shoulder height is 21 to 47 inches, and its average length is 37 to 87 inches. This Real Wild 3D Big Buck Target stands 27 inches tall, has a total length of about 44 inches, and weighs a heavy 55 pounds when measured to the top of the shoulder. This target is designed to look like a whitetail deer.

Field tips and broadheads work well with the Real Wild 3D Big Buck Archery Target. It should also be quite simple to get your arrows out of this target. This target is also waterproof because it is covered with a weather-resistant coating.

The changeable mid-section core is a fantastic feature. Once the core is worn out, you may just replace the middle and the target will be as good as new. 

The deer has weather-resistant construction and can be placed outside for archery and hunting practices. However, since it is huge and heavy, it is not travel-friendly. It is better to keep it fixed at a place, otherwise, you might end up damaging the target.


  • Allows shooting of up to 500fps.
  • 3D lifelike deer target.
  • Replaceable core.
  • Weather-resistant composition.
  • Affordable.


  • Heavy and huge. 
  • Not portable.
  1.  BigShot Titan 18 Cross board Target

BigShot Titan 18 is a three-dimensional target featuring five tuning sides for comprehensive hunting and archery practices. And thanks to its tapered design, the players from almost any angle can shoot on this target precisely and accurately. 

This target is filled with self-healing foam and has an open-layer structure which means that it can be used with both field points and broadheads. With its Elasto-self healing foam, this target can withstand up to thousands of shots easily without getting any maintenance touches.

Thanks to its powerful build, this target can easily withstand shooting of up to 500fps, which is a pretty hefty speed for shooting. Both beginners and professionals can safely play within this broad speed range on this target.

BigShot Titan 18 is compact, lightweight, and even features a hook at the top of the block. Despite its large size, it can be carried around with the help of a hook. However, one thing you will need to keep in mind is that this block is not water-proof, therefore, you will need to avoid taking it to rainy or humid areas.


  • Made with Elasto self-healing foam.
  • Open-Layered Tapered design.
  • Consists of five tuning faces.
  • Allows shooting over 500fps.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Suitable for both field points and broadheads.
  • Portable.


  • Not waterproof.
  1.  Delta McKenzie Speedbag Archery Target

Delta McKenzie is a speedbag archery target that is used by professionals and experts for speed shooting practice. Featuring a single target sight, this target bag is made with tough cloth from the outside.

The target bag is filled with foam- not self-healing, which means that only field points can be used on this target. 

Moreover, within field points, this bag is capable of taking crossbows and vertically-shot arrows. It cannot survive shots from broadheads because the arrowheads of such arrows can get stuck into the foam. Pulling them out from such stubborn foam can prove to be destructive for both the arrow and the bag.

And since it is a bag target, it is more delicate and fragile than a three-dimensional target. It needs to be handled while pulling the arrowheads out from the target.

But it does not mean that this bag has not any potential to withstand speed shooting. It can easily withstand field point shooting of 500fps. 

This target bag is made waterproof and weather-resistant, which means that it is perfect to be used in almost any kind of environment. Moreover, it is comparatively lightweight and compact than three-dimensional targets. It can be mounted, suspended, or even placed on the ground.


  • Perfect for field-pointed arrows.
  • Allows shooting of up to 500fps.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant.
  • Portable.
  • Affordable.


  • Single tuning face.
  • Not suitable with broadheads.
  1.  Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-450 Plus Archery Target

Morrell undoubtedly knows how to make the best archery targets. And this one is no different. Unlike Morrell’s traditional bag target, Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-450 is a three-dimensional target featuring over five tuning faces.

The target is stuffed with self-healing foam, which is arranged in over 94 layers to give the target its maximum strength and stopping power. It can withstand shooting of up to 450fps easily from almost any type of arrow- whether it is a broadhead or field point. 

It features a hollow nuclear center, which has very rigid boundaries and is almost impenetrable. Thanks to its solid central part, this target can easily take up to 1000 shots without any maintenance.

It also features a hook at its top that can be used to carry it around. Yet one thing that you will need to keep in mind that this target is not waterproof.


  • Features five tuning faces.
  • Stuffed with self-healing foam.
  • Has an impenetrable core.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Allows shooting of up to 450fps.


  • Not waterproof.
  1.  Block Black Crossbow Archery Target

Another wonderful addition to our list of the finest targets for shooting above 400fps is the ‘Block Black Crossbow Archery’ target. The proprietary “Open Layer PolyFusion” technology is used in this 4-sided archery target.

The inner foamy layers are fused at the centre in PolyFusion construction, resulting in great density and sturdiness at the core. Even when the arrows are fired at such a speed of 400fps, the mega core is hard to penetrate.

It also features a specifically designed ‘GripPit’ handle sewn at the top of the block, making it portable and travel-friendly. In terms of lasting strength, because of its solid design, it can readily bear arrow abuse of up to 425fps.

The withdrawal of arrows from the target is likewise smooth and simple thanks to the solid core. With just one hand, you can remove the arrowheads off the target.


  • Features 4 tuning faces.
  • Allows shooting of up to 425fps.
  • Grip Pit handle feature.
  • Stuffed with self-healing foam.
  • Features open layer construction.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • Not waterproof.
  1.  Block Infinity Crossbow Archery Target

The ‘Block Infinity Crossbow Archery Target’ is a multi-functional all-in-one target with 6 tuning faces . It has a proprietary “Block PolyFusion Technology.” This unusual technology allows bolts to slow down on the exterior while finding a way to stop utilising friction rather than force between the internal layers.

This target features an impressive layered foam central chamber encased in an exterior foam wall for exceptional stopping power and durability. Despite its robust and solid design, though, its target makes removing arrows a breeze.

The latest ‘Block Infinity crossbow’ provides a new level of raw power density to incredibly sophisticated crossbows and extended target life, thanks to its unique structure and six-sided firing.

This target will not disappoint you in terms of its long-term effectiveness. The target can withstand up to 500fps of firing. 

The ‘Block Infinity Crossbow Target’ is intended for use in travel and outdoor activities. This target is portable since it is lightweight and has a small structure. However, it is not waterproof, and long-term usage necessitates keeping it away from water and moisture.


  • Features 6 tuning faces.
  • Stuffed with high-density foam.
  • Has a layered construction.
  • Allows shooting of up to 500fps.
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly.


  • Not weather-resistant.
  1. Field Logic Hurricane H21 Crossbow Target Bag

The ‘Field Logic Hurricane H21’ is a well-made bag target that has long been used by archery players and hunters. Hurricane Bag Targets are made to survive the weather and last for years, even after thousands of rounds have been fired at them.

With its unique design and internal material composition, Hurricane’s Tri-Core Technology is designed to withstand strikes of up to 400-600 fps, extending target life.

Archery players and hunters have long utilised this finely-made bag target. Hurricane Bag Targets are designed to withstand the elements and last for years, even after being hit by thousands of shots.

Hurricane’s Tri-Core Technology is intended to survive impacts of up to 400-600 fps, prolonging target life thanks to its unique design and internal material composition.

Hurricane bag targets are known for their high quality and durability. They include high-visibility aiming locations against bright-colored backgrounds, as well as off-centered impact sites on either side to extend target life and allow for easy arrow removal.

It’s a well-made bag target that archery players and hunters have long used. Hurricane Bag Targets are designed to withstand the elements and last for years, even after being shot at thousands of times.


  • Allows shooting of up to 600fps.
  • Features Tri-Core technology.
  • Suitable to function with every type of arrow.
  • Brass Grommet handle.
  • Travel-friendly.


  • Consists of a single tuning face,
  • Not weather-resistant.

Which is the best crossbow target for 450 FPS shooting?

If you have a strong crossbow that shoots at 450 FPS, you should be considering a strong target for practice. In such a case, you are highly recommended to get the Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS 4 Sided Cube Field Point Archery Bag Target. 

It can withstand crossbow arrows shot at 450 FPS, and it should be more than enough for most archers these days. Plus, you can also remove arrows from it without damaging its body. Thus, it is going to last much longer than most targets available in the market, and children in your home can also practice archery in your backyard with it. 

Moreover, it also has 5 different faces to aim and practice. Its unique and distinctive aim faces will also keep you engaged and challenge you like all of them are harder than the first one. 

In Conclusion, it is made to withstand all shots from strong crossbows and is going to stay in your backyard for a long time. 

However, if you are also looking to buy a crossbow target for 470 fps or higher, then there are some factors that you should know to make the best choice. Thus, we are sharing those factors below.

1. Easy Arrow Pull

2. Stopping Power

3. Company

4. Durability.

What are the top-rated crossbows for target shooting?

Nowadays, modern crossbows are getting popular. While choosing one you should know that they are designed to be more powerful than a traditional bow stabilizer. Therefore, if you are planning to get one, you should also get a crossbow target for 470 fps at least.

Before buying the target, you should know about your crossbow. There are several types of crossbows, and we are discussing each of them below.

What Arrows are used for Target Shooting?

These arrows are also known as Bolts. These bolts are 20 inches in average length. For target shooting, most archers prefer to practice with a single type of arrow. 

However, it also depends on what type of target you have because every arrow does not support all types of targets. Therefore, while buying bolts and targets, you should be aware of your target’s specifications. 

1. Field Points:

Field point arrows are mostly used for target practice. In length, they are identical to a traditional arrow size, but at the end, it has a short head arrow. This short head arrow damages a smaller area on the target and increases the target’s life span at a huge scale. 

But, you can not use these field points for wild hunting because it does not damage much of the body but is perfect for your practice sessions in your backyard. 

You can use it with both types of targets too. It is compatible with both Foam and Bag targets, plus you can also remove them effortlessly from most targets because of their small head. 

2. Broadhead Arrows:

As its name suggests, these arrows come with a broad head that damages a larger surface area as compared to the field point arrows. Therefore, these arrows are used for real hunting in the wild. 

Most archers do not prefer broadhead arrows for their practice sessions because they damage the upper surface of the target at a quicker pace and decrease its lifespan. Plus, they also ask for some extra effort to get pulled out from the target, and it also leaves a hole behind. 

Still, if you are willing to practice in your sessions with broadhead arrows, then you should shoot them at foam targets only because they have the strength to withstand the damage it will make to its surface area still having a block that can withstand up to fps of 450 crossbow broadhead target should be good enough. 

Other than that, if you are looking for arrows to help you in hunting, then the expandable blades versions should be the one for you. These are the most lethal arrows for hunting because they are designed to open up after the arrow hits the animal and result in additional damage.

What shape Targets are best for archery practice?

There are two commonly used shapes of targets used by professional archers, and each of them has different specifications and purposes for use. 

Therefore, to get the best experience during your archery practice you should be aware of what your target is designed for, and how to use it effectively. Both types of targets are discussed below.

1. 3D Targets

3D Targets are designed especially for hunters. At first, most archers do not like these 3D structures and preferred to practice on cube-shaped targets. 

But, if you are preparing yourself for the hunting season, then you should try it out at least once in your practice session. 3D targets do not feature those small circles to aim and feel the pleasure of getting an ace on your aim. 

But, it will make you habitual to always hit the core parts of the animal. Plus, the more you hit aim at them, you will also start enjoying it. 

As compared to block-shaped targets, 3D targets are slightly more expensive. They are built with foam. Therefore, these 3D targets have a longer life span, and you can also use both broadhead and field tips on them without worrying about their surface. 

Other than that, most of them also come with replaceable core parts, so you do not have to pay for the entire set again. In other words, it might feel a bit expensive, but it is going to be a great investment for your long-term practice and going to be in your practice area for a long period too. 

These targets are known for giving real-life experience in your practice sessions. You can put these targets behind the trees and try to hit their vital organs from different angles. 

This way, you will be preparing yourself for the upcoming scenarios you are likely to face in the wild, and you will know how accurately you can hit the vital organs of your targeted animals rather than just hitting the same black dot over and over again.

2. Discharge Target:

Sometimes you do not get enough time to prepare yourself for the hunting season. In such scenarios, most archers like to carry a small discharge target with them to practice during their free time on their hunting trips. And discharge targets are made for this sole purpose. All you need to make sure is that your target is not too big or heavy because it will ask for more effort and will get you exhausted before starting the practice. 

Nevertheless, having a small discharge target with a handle and easy to lift is going to be the best you can find. Since they are made for portability, most of them are not the best crossbow target for over 400 fps, so you should keep that in mind.

These days, most discharge targets do not support broadhead arrows, so you would have to carry field tip bolts all the time too. However, if you manage to get one built with foam, you can drop those field tips at your home, even though that is going to be slightly expensive. 

Most archers highly recommend beginners to have a lightweight foam target because it is like having a first step towards the journey of becoming a professional. 

They are the cheapest target among all types of foam targets you are going to find, and if you are looking for your first target, then you are highly motivated to start with discharge targets because it will give you the complete feel of archery. 

How to remove Bolts from the Target?

Sometimes Bolts get stuck inside the target and get annoying. However, there is a simple tool to solve this problem too. A good pair of Bolt or Arrow Remover is the tool you need to make your life easier. 

It will help you get your arrow straight out of the target and also save you from a long struggle with irritation and frustration on your face. 

Therefore, this pair is worth buying.

How tight or deep your arrow is going to get buried depends on several factors, including what crossbow you are using and what your setup is. 

Moreover, shooting with the same crossbow and different arrows will also have unlikely impacts on the target, and the depth of the arrow will also be different. Even though their penetration level is going to be different, some might dig deeper than others, but the Arrow Remover would have no problem removing them from the target. Especially, if you practice at your target with broadhead arrows, then this is a must-buy product for you. 

Even if you have an Arrow Remover, we are not going to recommend you to use broadhead arrows because while removing them from the target, its broadhead gets stuck inside the target, and all you get will be a simple stick with no head. Therefore, buying a few extra field tip arrows for your target practice will make your life much easier. 

Arrow pullers are getting popular, and the reason is simple, archers want to make their practice session fun and easy. They want to spend time aiming and shooting, not on removing them from their bolts from the target. 

if you only use field tips for your practice, then a regular arrow puller should be enough. However, if you are going to use broadhead arrows, then it will be more troublesome, and rubber arrow pullers might not be as effective, so you would have to rely on the last resort to Arojac Arrow pullers. 

What are the types of Targets?

There are two types of targets and before buying one, you should know the specifications of both to make the best choice.

Foam Block Targets:

Targets built with foam are compatible with both broadhead field point arrows. They are big and bulky in size, plus they also weigh on the heavier side. Therefore, lifting them might be harder. 

Other than that, pulling arrows out of bag targets is not going to be an easy task. Since it is built with thick material, you would have to add extra effort to pull them out. However, if you are willing to pay a few extra pounds, then you can also get a rare bag target with an easy arrow removal feature. 

Bag Targets:

Bag targets are not ideal for broadhead arrows. However, if you are going to use field points only, then it should work perfectly for you. 

Bag targets are designed smaller and lighter than foam targets because they carry less dense built material as compared to a regular foam target. They are mostly designed thin and tall. However, you can also find bag targets in cube shape but they can be harder to find than thinner ones. 

The primary reason to build them is to add enough resistance that can stop the bolt from entering so deeply into the target. Other than that, since it is made with less dense material, you can easily remove your arrows from it. 

Summing All Up:

While purchasing a target for practice, you should know that all targets are not designed for crossbows. More than your crossbow’s specifications, it depends on the type of arrows you are going to shoot. For field point archers, bag and foam targets both are going to work the best. In contrast, archers with a broadhead or/and field points should use foam targets. 

What type of crossbow targets are best for Deer hunting practice?

If you like to hunt deers out in wild open fields, then you should be willing to pay a few extra pounds to get the best crossbow targets. For outdoor hunting practice, you should go for 3D shape targets, this way you will be able to practice your aim from different angles. Plus, most professional archers also prefer 3D designs for outdoor archery practice. 

Moreover, you should know that crossbows for wild hunting are mostly strong, and some of them also shoot at 450+ fps, so for the best experience, you should get the best crossbow target for 500 fps to make sure you have nothing to worry about and it stays in your hunting gear for a longer period. 

In contrast, if you choose a simple block with a few faces to aim at, it will also improve your aim without a doubt. But, it will not give you the experience of hitting vital points of deer. Therefore, face targets might be good enough for practice as a beginner or your backyard practice, but when it comes to professional wild hunting, it is not going to be much effective for ones like you.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy a target for deer hunting, then the Shooter Buck 3D Deer Archery Target should be your top priority. It is built with high-quality material, and its dimensions are exact to an original deer you will find in an open jungle. 

Other than that, you can also shoot all types of arrows without worrying about its body. They are designed to withstand both types of arrows. 

However, shooting a lot of arrows at its core piece may not harm it but removing them leaves a hole in it. But, its core parts are also replaceable, so you do not have to pay for the entire target again. Instead, you can buy the core part at a much higher price and continue hitting it with all arrows you have got. 

How to Make a Crossbow Target at home?

If you are short on cash or have no idea what type of target you should buy, then it is time for you to explore your creative side and build a crossbow target with extra stuff you have been collecting at your home. Moreover, crossbow targets have no special functions other than standing against all arrows you shoot at them. 

Therefore, making one target at home is not going to be rocket science even for first-timers. Plus, you can make it according to your personal preferences and taste. In other words, you will be making a target personalized for your style under a very low budget.

There are endless ways to make a target at your home. However, we are sharing some of them below so that you can choose the one that suits you most, and you can also use your creativity for the best experience. 

1. Hay Archery Target

2. Cardboard Archery Target

3. Foam Mat Archery Target

4. Wooden Box Archery Target

1. Hay Target:

It is the most commonly used target for archery. Plus, it is also easy and cheap to build at home, but it also comes with a few drawbacks. To build it, firstly, you should decide what size target you want, after that buy enough straw hay bales of the size you are looking for. 

Usually, 4 to 6 straw hay bales should be enough for you. After getting them, stack them together or on a target stand. This way, you will get the body of your homemade cube-shaped target, and for the final touches, you can get a print of a paper target to paste on the hay bales. 

To make this target, all you need is just a few hay bales from your local place or online, and that should cost you around 30 to 35 bucks only. Moreover, for paper targets, you can get a print from a printer or draw it by yourself. It depends on your preferences.

 Once you are done it will also be acting as a backstop and stop all your arrows in it, plus you will also be able to pull your bolts out of it effortlessly. 

However, it also has a few drawbacks. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, this might not be the target for you because, with rain’s water in it, this target will get too heavy and will also attract bugs.

2. Cardboard Archery Target:

This target is going to be more efficient than the previous hay bale target. Still, you should build it only if you have a strong backstop setup. These are easy to make and going to last for a long time, but you should not leave them outside when not using them, plus they are not going to be super heavy, and you can easily carry them into your home.

Firstly, measure the size of your target and get a cardboard box that can fit its dimensions. You should be looking to get a box that is as wide as it is deep. 

After that, you are supposed to fill the box with foam, rags, old clothes and any spare things you have. This will work as a backstop arrow in your target. For final touches, just seal the box after filling it with your spare stuff and draw a few rings on the front to aim at, or you can also get a print of a paper target. 

Even though they are not very durable, you can still build many of these in just a few bucks. Plus, you can also reuse its parts, and it does not want any maintenance. Still, this is not going to be the best crossbow target for 500 fps crossbows but, if you are a beginner with a basic crossbow, this should work perfectly. 

Before building one, you should be aware that you can not leave it outside your home. After every practice session you would have to bring it to your home, or else it will be debris in your yard, and if you do not have a good enough backstop, arrows can also go through it.

3. Foam Mat Archery Target:

This target is going to last longer and give you a better experience as a hunter. It will ask for a little maintenance after a while, but if you have made its frame perfectly, then changing the mats that are falling off the target will not be as difficult. After building it, it will become a crossbow target for 470 fps and higher.

To build a foam mat archery target, you will need about 50 mats, their size depends on your preference along with 4 lengths of threaded rod, ideally longer than your target’s height, 8 nuts, and washers. Plus, for a better look, you can also use a cloth or carpet to cover it if you like.

Firstly, connect all your mats to make the width you want. After that, stack mats on top of one another to get the height of the target you are looking for. 

After getting the desired size, drill the holes in 2 X 4’s that are big enough to pass the threaded rod through and place these threaded rods on both ends. After that put nuts and washers on your rod and start stacking your mats in between those rods. 

Once you are done with it, tighten nuts on each rod and make your mats compact tightly. For final touches, paste a printed paper target on the front. 

It is a very easy build, plus you can make it at a quarter price of a regular cube-shaped target. Moreover, since you are using mats, you can leave them out in extreme weather too. 

Although it is a durable target, its mat will start tearing and ripping over time and will leave the debris in your backyard. Plus, it is not going to be a very nice-looking target and you may also need a stand if the target is too small for you. 

4. Wood Box Archery Target:

Building a wood box target for practice is not going to be an easy build. You would have activated your technical mind to build it. But, once it is built, you would not have to maintain it on a daily basis. All you would have to do is just replace the face target every year after it gets torn apart. 

Basically, the idea is to make a wooden frame and fill it with arrow-stopping material. Sounds simple? Firstly, you would have to attach the 4 wooden pieces to make a perfect square ideally 4 x 2 and make two identical squares. 

After that, attach both of these frames with plywood. Also, use plywood at the top and bottom of the target and fill it with sand, foam, or anything you have got to stop the arrow from penetrating through it. 

Once you have closed it from all 4 sides, you can use paint, spray, or printed paper targets to design it. Moreover, you can also use different designs on each side of the target. 

It will be a long-lasting archery target, and you can shoot any arrow you want without worrying about its surface area. In fact, I would consider it to be the best crossbow target for over 400 fps under this budget and you do not need to maintain it on a daily basis.

Since you are making it with wood and filling it with other heavy materials, it will be very heavy to lift. Therefore, you are also recommended to attach wheels at their bottom for portability. 


Crossbows are getting stronger with every passing day, so are the archery targets. A few years back, a target that could withstand up to 300 to 350 fps used to be enough for most archers. But, now any crossbow target for 470 fps or less is not going to stand against your modern crossbows. 

Therefore, if you ever look to buy a target, you should always go for the best crossbow target for 500 fps because it will have great durability and will stay in your backyard for a long period. 

Nevertheless, building a target by yourself is also a great option especially for budget-friendly archers. But make sure you know what you want from your target. And then, start the search or build for it. 

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