15 Best Crossbow Target in 2022 (Deer, Zombies, & More)

Are you getting ready for the next hunting season? If yes, then you must be looking for the best crossbow for target practice available in 2021. Right? When it comes to aiming, practicing crossbow targets makes a tremendous impact on your skills. It allows you to get a real-life hunting experience in your backyard. Thus, every professional hunter has crossbow archery targets to form a habit of acing each target. After all, every experienced hunter has crossbow targets, then why don’t you give it a chance too? It can become a valuable addition to your hunting collection.

These days, you can find several targets in the market. However, it depends on your hunting style. For example, if you hunt small animals, you should go for a short-sized version. Similarly, its material type and arrow type compatibility also makes a tremendous impact on your aiming practice.

Are you getting confused about which crossbow target would be best for you? Then no need to worry because we researched several best crossbow bag targets available in the market. After that, we compared and made this review of the top 15 best archery targets for crossbows available in the current market.

The Crossbow target working for your friend may not be ideal for you because it mostly depends on your hunting style and the season you go for. For this reason, in this article, you will also know which crossbow target would work best for whom. Also, to know the specifications you should be looking for before buying a Crossbow target, make sure to go through the Buyer’s Guide.

  1. Rinehart Targets 18-1 Broadhead Target Improved Version!

Brand: Rinehart Targets

In this list, it is our top choice. Have you been hunting for a while now? And your practice sessions are lacking variety or challenges? If yes, then this target is going to be the best 3d crossbow target for you. It has 15 X 15 X 15 inches measurement sizes and comes with 18 target faces. This quantity of faces in a small-sized cube adds a variety to your daily hunting practice and helps you improve your aim precisely. In other words, it is only for hunters who love to challenge or improve their skills in your training.

It is not made to withstand out in every season. However, if you are a hunter who does not travel or practice in extreme weather, then you should not be worrying about it.

Quick Features:

Built Quality:

It is made up of solid material. In fact, it can also take arrows coming from 500 FPS. Usually, targets receive damage from broadhead arrows. However, it is not going to happen with the Rineheart Target. It also self-heals to protect its integrity and shape.

Manufacturers specially designed it to stop all arrows equipped with broadheads. 

Improves Aim Accuracy And Precision:

It comes with a rugged-shaped body. It has around 18 faces to target. Since its 15 X 15 X 15 body has many faces to target, it will never let you get bored in training. Instead, it will keep challenging you to aim more precisely. Along with its highly visible body, you will be able to take your aiming skills to the next level with joy.

If you are an experienced hunter and usually getting bored with your practice sessions, then you must try it at least once.


It is a light weighted target. It also features handles to carry and weigh only 15 pounds. Since it is a lightweight target, you can easily carry it and take it with you on traveling trips. However, it is not going to withstand extreme weather. Therefore, you should know where to carry it and when to leave it at home. 


It features 18 faces to challenge and improve your aiming skills.

Lightweight and easy to carry

Self heals to protect its shape.

Strong Built Quality


Its color and pattern could be better.

Not designed for extreme weather.

Brand: Morrell Targets Store

It is one of the top choices for most price-conscious hunters. Therefore, we decided to keep it at the second rank on this list. It is specifically made for hunters who like to use fast crossbows for their practice sessions. It can stop arrows even traveling from 400+ feet per second speed. In fact, it is ideally made to take up to 10 shots with 400+ speeds with ease. 

Other than consuming speedy shots, it is also ideal for people who like to travel with their hunting practice kit. It is built with lightweight material and comes with a carrying handle to make it easier for you to carry.

Quick Features:


It is a light weighted crossbow target with a height of 23 inches. Moreover, you can also hang it to the wall and hit on its ten face targets. Along with being light-weighted, it also comes with an EZ Tote carrying handle. Manufacturers also installed the grommets on both side top corners to hang it. 


This crossbow target is made for a hunter who likes to travel with their hunting kit. Therefore, it is crucial to feature the weatherproof function with it. Consequently, it is a weatherproof target. It is able to withstand all extreme weather, from a sunny day to a rainy or snowy one. 

Arrow Removal:

One of the highly demanded features of this crossbow target is easy arrow removal. Arrows are not much likely to get stuck in this. However, it is only designed to be targeted with field tips. Targeting it with the broadhead arrows will decrease its life significantly. 


Can withstand all extreme weathers

Lightweight and comes with a carrying handle and grommets.

Replaceable covers


Using Broadhead arrows can damage its surface.

Brand: Shooter Store

What is your favorite hunting season? Is it deer? If yes, then this archery target is made just for hunters like you! This target is specially made for deer hunters. Manufacturers wanted to give hunters a real-life hunting experience in their backyard or training sessions. Therefore, they designed it in a 3d deer shape. Moreover, it comes with a four-sided replaceable core. It makes it an ultimate addition to your hunting collection. 

Yes, it might be a bit over budget for most budget-conscious hunters. However, this is the best 3d deer target for crossbow in the current market. If you are an experienced hunter and looking for a target to practice your aim for the next deer season, then you must have one of these. Since it has four-sided replaceable cores, it is durable and can last longer than most cheap crossbow targets. 

Quick Feature:

Real Hunting Experience:

It is the best 3d deer target for crossbow available in the current market. If you love hunting deers or practicing for the next season, it can be a great addition to your hunting bag. Manufacturers made it identical to the real-life deer. However, the only difference is that it is smaller than an actual deer. But, it is also a plus point. If you practice by hitting a smaller deer and master it, then you can ace the actual deer for sure. 

Replaceable Cores:

Are you fed of targets that do not last long? If yes, then this target is for you! Other than giving you a spectacular hunting experience, it is also going to last longer and be with you for an extended period than most of its competitors. Wondering how? It comes with four-sided replaceable cores. Therefore, it has an increased lifespan than all of its competitors. You can shoot thousands of arrows without worrying about their durability.

Built Quality and Durability:

This crossbow target is for hunters who prefer quality over money. It is made up of superior material. Therefore, it is an impenetrable target. Moreover, you can also remove arrows easily from it. It allows you five times more shooting surface than usual. It is made to withstand all extreme weather. 


Comes with four-sided replaceable cores.

Can withstand any extreme weather.

Best for deer hunters.

Featuring five times more shooting surfaces.


It might be a bit overpriced for budget-conscious buyers.

Brand: BIGSHOT Store

This target is for hunters who use high-speed crossbows. It is made with strong built material. Therefore, it can consume up to 500 FPS. BIGSHOT Store also claims that it has easy arrow removal. However, most hunters had a rough time getting their arrows out of the target. Therefore, you should have an arrow lube with you. It looks powerful and bigger than most of the competitors on this list. Still, it is a lightweight target with heavy-duty of stopping quick arrows. 

Quick Features:


Do you have a crossbow that shoots at 500 FPS? If yes, then it can be the best high-speed crossbow target to absorb it without damaging the surface. Moreover, manufacturers used Elasto-Flex foam for self-healing. Therefore, you can hit it with thousands of shots without worrying about its durability.

Multiple Unique Designs:

It comes with five target faces, and each of them features a unique design for you to practice. This way, you will not get bored by shooting at the same box. Instead, you will be challenged with each of them.


It is a lightweight target with a carrying handle. This way, you can easily move or carry it. Moreover, due to its compact block shape, it would be great for camp or in your backyard archery. Also, it will give you the best crossbow discharge target feel in your camping.


The best target for crossbow and compound bow under this budget.

Has five different target faces on each side.

Can absorb shots from a crossbow at the speed of 500 FPS without damaging the surface.


Arrows are not easy to remove from the target.

Brand: Spyder Web

Most hunters consider it to be the best crossbow bolt target in this price range. It can take 400 plus FPS without getting damaged. Manufacturers designed it to hold up against all extreme weather and heavy shots. Therefore, it has a longer life span than other crossbow targets in the same budget. 

However, if you are planning to buy it, then keep this in your mind. Make sure that your field tips are flush shooting at it. Or else, you may lose the other side of the arrow inside the block. You are not certain to lose it, but a slight percent of possibility is always there. Thus, it is always better to be careful. 

Quick Features:

Body Durability:

It is a well-built body that can stay in your hunting collection for a long period. Mostly bags struggle against arrows coming at 400 plus FPS. However, it is not going to happen with the SpyderWeb ST. It will resist all arrows without damaging the body. Moreover, you can also easily remove arrows without making too much effort. 

Weather Proof Design:

Do you have to carry your crossbow target to the home daily? You do not need to do it now. It is a weatherproof design to stand up to all extreme weather. Therefore, you can keep it in your backyard without any shelter on a rainy day or at night with snowfall. Still, nothing will damage it. 

Weight and Material:

It weighs around 35 lbs (pounds). It is a much heavier weight than most other targets. However, it keeps the target still even after shooting some heavy arrows. For material, it uses Spylar to make it self-repair, and it also allows the bolt to slide through too.


Easy to remove arrows

Self Repairing material



Advised not to use broadhead arrows.

Brand: Morrell Targets Store

Do you like to practice with both crossbows and bows? And wondering what single target would be suitable for both? If yes, then no need to find it anywhere else. For hunters like you, the Compound Crossbow Cube is the best foam crossbow target. It comes with a highly visible design and different target face colors on each side of the cube. 

However, you can only use it for crossbow shooting under 380 Feet Per Second. Since 350-380 FPS is usual for beginner’s crossbow, it is suitable for most new hunters. 

Quick Features:

Aiming Points:

Most targets come with the same design and aiming points on all sides. Therefore, after a few days of practice sessions, it can get boring. However, this will not happen with this cube target. It features different designs and a bundle of aiming points to keep you engaged and challenge you during practice. 


Do you like to practice with both crossbows and bows? Because this target is designed to absorb hits from both of them. If you have made your mind, let me tell you are going to have a tough time tearing down its body due to its extraordinary durable build material.

Amazon Reviews:

Many hunters have brought it from Amazon, and their response to it has been very positive. In terms of numbers, it is one of the best rated crossbow target on Amazon.


Designed to take shots from all arrow types.

Durable build material

Great Amazon reviews.


Only for crossbows with speed under 380 FPS

Brand: Morrell Store

If you are looking for the best crossbow target block, then this crossbow target should be your top priority. It has a compact size of 15 inches in length. This small size allows you to practice your aim for smaller targets. 

If you are looking for your first crossbow target, you should start with something simple. Therefore, this target with high visibility will help you kick start your hunting journey and improve your aiming. Moreover, you can also remove the arrow from it without damaging its body. 

However, manufacturers could improve its quality from the bottom. But, in this price range, a target with this built quality and low price rates is a deal you don’t want to miss.

Quick Features:

Built Quality:

It has a durable built quality. It is filled with hard filler material. Due to its material, arrows from light-weighted curve bows or crossbows can not penetrate from long ranges. 

These days, most crossbow targets have the same problem. Removing the arrow from it can hurt the body. However, it is not going to be the case with the Morrell Yellow Jacket Archery target. Instead, its self-healing material will keep always keep it as good as new. It will not let you feel any difference even after making hundreds of shots on it. Its body is not going to shatter any time soon.


It is a small rectangle with a length of 15 inches. Besides, it also comes with a carrying handle to make it easy to transport, carry and store. This way, it can easily fit in your hunting accessories bag. Since it is a small bag in size, you can also use it for practice in your backyard or anywhere you get the feel. 


The manufactures prioritized its build quality over anything else. Therefore, they also made it indestructible for all four seasons. It can hold up against all seasons. It blocks all sun UV rays and protects it from moisture damage. Along with that, it also comes with a waterproof feature. Since it is covering all grounds, it will be the best crossbow bag target for travelers or people who live in extreme weather.


Retrieving arrows from your bag will not damage its body.

Specially designed for beginners.

It focuses on enhancing your precision and accuracy.


It does not come with replaceable fillers.

Brand: Field Logic Store

Are you a beginner and looking for the best crossbow practice target available? If you have a significant budget or prefer quality over price, then this target might be just for you. It is a long-lasting cube with six sides to aim at, and each of them has a different design. These different designs keep challenging you in the practice sessions. 

Quick Features:


After seeing the price, you might be wondering it is a bit overpriced than its competitive crossbow targets. But, it is not hyped up. Due to its durability. It is built a lot stronger and more durable than its competitors. It will be the best target for crossbow and compound bow. 

For Practice:

It is an 18” x 18 x 16 inches cube box. If you can ace your aim on this box, you can aim at real targets too. Since it is giving you a variety of face targets, it will keep you engaged in your training and you will not get bored. 


It weighs 15 pounds only. Since you can shoot at all six sides, it does not feature any carrying handle. However, due to its lightweight, you can still carry it with ease.


Strongly built to last long

You can shoot all six sides.

Small cube featuring different designs on each side for better practice.


Not budget Friendly

Does not have the carrying handle

Brand: Black Hole

This crossbow target should be the top choice for people with a professional crossbow and a limited budget for the target. It is a budget-friendly 16-inch foam block. It is also a compact block to stop all your shots at even at 400+ FPS. 

Quick Features:


Its dimensions are 16 X 16 X 14 inches. In total, it weighs about 13 pounds only. Plus, it also has a carrying handle on the top to make it easier to move. 

Target Faces:

It has four target faces. However, only two of them can stop arrows with broadheads. Shooting the other two sides with it will damage the surface. Its black-colored faces are capable of absorbing hits from both field tips and broadhead. In contrast, the white-colored faces should be hit with the field tips only. 

Feet Per Second:

In this budget, most crossbow targets would be able to absorb 350 to 370 FPS only. However, this target is made much stronger than those. It performs very well against the arrows coming at 400 FPS too. Therefore, if you have a fast crossbow, you should go for best crossbow target for over 400 FPS.


Can stop arrows coming at speed up to 400 FPS.

Comes with four target faces.

Lightweight and portable.


The white target face will get damaged by broadhead arrows.

  1. Delta McKenzie Targets Crossbow Discharge Bag Target

Brand: Delta McKenzie Targets

This targeting bag will be your perfect partner in your hunting journey. You can also use it after a day of practicing or hunting on the archery range. Its main feature is that Delta designed it, especially for portability purposes. Moreover, Delta is known for producing cost-effective hunting accessories along with spectacular built quality. Similarly, this bright orange has continued the legacy of being a budget-friendly crossbow target. Furthermore, it is also in the top rankings for the best crossbow targets in 2021. 

Quick Features:


It is a very lightweight target. It is made lightweight on purpose to make it easy to move. It is 5.12 x 5.12 x 5.51 inches in dimensions and 11 pounds in weight. Moreover, it also has a carrying bag to lift without making any effort. Therefore, if portability is what you are looking for, this one is waiting for you.


Besides being a lightweight target, it is also a very hardly built one. It can also stop bolts coming at it from the speed of 400 fps. Therefore, it is considered as the best crossbow target for field points and broadhead both arrows. 

Weather Resistant:

Since the motive to make this target is to produce a portable crossbow target with portability. Therefore, it is also weather-resistant. It does not matter whether you are practicing on a nice sunny day in your backyard or snowy or rainy day. Its body will never get damaged due to the weather. 


Completely Weather Resistant


Strong built Quality


It can get teared if overused. 

  1. Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS 4 Sided Cube Field Point Archery Bag Target with Traditional Bullseyes, Nine-ball, Dartboard Game, and Deer Vitals, Yellow

Brand: Morrell Targets Store

Do you prefer to practice with high-speed crossbows or compound bows? If yes, then this target is made for your practice sessions. It is designed to withstand all high-speed arrows. Manufacturers gave priority to its durability and strong built quality over anything else. It will absorb all the damage from your bow under 450 FPS, and in most cases, it will be more than enough. Right? Therefore, it can be in your hunting collection for a long journey. 

It is 19.25 inches cube in size. This is a large size target. If you are a beginner and looking for a budget-friendly and quality target, then this one should be your first pick. 

Moreover, it has a massive number of sales and reviews on Amazon, and it features the best crossbow target reviews. That means it has been delivering what it advertises.

Quick Features:

Long-Lasting Built:

Durability was its manufacturer’s top priority. Therefore, they made sure that it can stop heavy arrows coming from the speed of 450 FPS. Since it has four high-quality faces to target, it can last for more than thousands of shots. However, it can get damaged from extreme weather. So, if you live or practice on an extremely sunny day or snowfall, this might not be the best choice for you.

For Beginners:

If you are a beginner looking for your first crossbow target, you should go for a budget-friendly and easy-to-use one. Therefore, this target should be your priority. It has four target faces and high visibility. Along with that, it is also a budget-friendly target. It features a bundle of traditional bulls eyes and deer vitals for a better training experience.

Weight And Dimensions:

It is a slightly bigger field of 19.5 X 19.2 X 19.2 cube bag. Consequently, it weighs about 40 pounds. Therefore, you can not carry it effortlessly. However, it comes with a carrying handle to make it easier to shift around.


You remove any arrow easily. 

Durable for a long period.

Its cover can be replaced.


Not made for extreme weather.

Not designed for broadhead arrows.

  1. Field Logic Hurricane H21 Crossbow Archery Bag Target, Orange, 22 Inch

Brand: Field Logic Store

This crossbow target is not designed for hunters who keep traveling. Instead, it would be an enjoyable long-lasting addition to your hunting kit only if you use it in your backyard. It is manufactured with strong built material. Therefore, it can stop arrows traveling as high as 400 feet per second. Moreover, it features one of the best crossbow deer targets under this budget. 

Quick Features:

High Visibility:

It is featuring the main targeting point in bright orange in black deer. Due to high contrast colors, its targets are also clearly visible even in dark or low light conditions. Therefore, if you like to practice at night, then you should keep this one on the top of your priority list.

To Improve Aim:

Surely, you are also looking for the best crossbow archery target to improve your aiming and preciseness. Right? If yes, then you should have a look at this target. It is a budget-friendly target that allows you to practice aiming directly at the deer’s vital organs. Since it is an affordable version of the target, you can use it as a secondary crossbow target too.

Arrow Removal:

In this price range, most targets would not have the easy removal feature. Even if is offering, removing arrows will damage the crossbow target for sure. However, this is not going to happen with this one. You can easily remove the arrows from the archery target, and it will not damage or tear the fabric either. 


Featuring 1,000 PSI Tri-Core Technology to hold bolts from damage.

Featuring easy arrow removal without damaging or tearing the fabric.

Featuring high visibility also in low light scenarios.


It is not weatherproof

Not the best choice for travelers

Not recommended shooting with broadhead arrows.

  1. Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target – Designed for the Crossbow Archer

Brand: Field Logic Store

It is going to be the best bow and crossbow target for all crossbow shooters. It is a black square box with white targets to increase visibility and give you the best practice session. It can also stop arrows from coming at a quick pace. Its foam density and friction make the arrow move slower inside the box and make it effective against it. 

However, it also has a drawback. If you live or practice in a rainy area, then it is not the crossbow target for you. Instead, you should go for any other pick on this list. 

Quick Features:

Easy Arrow Removal:

Manufacturers used Polyfusion to make this target. Since it is a foam, you can easily withdraw your targets. Removing arrows only needs a slight pull or minimum effort. However, removing them can make holes in the target. Therefore, you are recommended not to use broadhead arrows.


It is a cube with a four-sided shooting area. This cube target is entirely made up of Polyfusion. Polyfusion is a foam material that gets to penetrated with each shot. Removing arrows is effortless but it will also make a hole in the box. Consequently, an arrow with a broadhead will make a bigger hole. Therefore, if you want it to last longer, then you shot it with the smallest arrows you have.

Greater Visibility:

It is a black cube with white targets to aim for. Since these are high in contract colors, it is easily visible from far away too. Therefore, if you want to practice your long-range shots, then this might be the one you are looking for.


Four target faces and each features a different pattern.

High Density


Easy to remove arrows


Not designed for broadhead arrows

Firing from close range will penetrate too deep.

  1. Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target Multi-Color, 16 Inch

Brand: Field Logic

Are you a youngster with very low or no archery skills? If yes, then you should be looking for a cheap archery target. This way, you will be able to start your wonderful hunting journey. Moreover, you would be able to get some experience of hunting too.

Keeping all these factors in mind, Field logic produced this target. It is made especially for youngsters to aim and shoot hundreds of times without doubting its durability.

Quick Features:

For Beginners:

As its name suggests, it is specially designed for Generation Z. It is a plain black colored box with white targets to aim. Since these are high in contrast, it gets easy for youngsters to aim at it even from a long-range. Moreover, you can also remove the arrows from it almost without making an effort.


Since it is designed for Generation Z kids, you should use it with the field tips only. It will minimize the damage, and you will be able to make full use of this target. If you keep following these recommendations, you can hit hundreds of shots on it for years without worrying about its durability. 


It is a lightweight target. Plus, it also features a carrying handle. It is to make sure that kids can also carry it with minimum effort. Therefore, it is a highly portable target, and if you are looking for your first target or one for your son, this might be it.


Best to improve a beginner’s aim and preciseness.

Lightweight and comes with a carrying handle.

You can use it with any arrow type.


Not the best choice for professional hunting practice.

Can not resist extreme weather.

  1. Rinehart RhinoBlock Target

Brand: Rinehart Targets

This block target is completely made up of foam. However, Rinehart Targets designed it to improve a beginner’s aiming skills as an aimer. It is featuring two 3 Dimensional surfaces, each with different designs. It keeps you engage and challenge during your practice session. 

This target is also recommended for hunters looking for a cheap or budget-friendly target to buy their first target. However, if you are a professional hunter or looking for a target to practice or experience real-life hunting, this might not be the ideal deal for you.

Quick Features:

Practice Functions:

It is a 3D Cube shape. It is featuring a total of 40 targets for you. It also features the vital organs of deer to shoot and practice. This way, you can improve your aim and ace the vital organs in the deer season. Other than that, it has a total of 40 target faces to aim for. This way, there is a huge opportunity for you to learn to aim precisely under a small budget. However, it might not be visible for most people at night timings due to its colors. 


Since it is a budget-friendly target and designed especially for beginners, it is a target weighing around 22 pounds only. Mostly, lightweight targets come with a drawback too. Similarly, it also has one. Removing arrows from it is not as easy as it is in other targets on this list. Still, it is not going to damage the surface.

Weather Resistant:

It is a weather-resistant target to hold up against all extreme weather scenarios. In fact, targets made up of foam are the best type of crossbow target to resist weather damage.


You can use it as a 3 Dimensional practice target.

You can use it with broadheads

Weather Resistant and strongly built


Removing arrows will need force. However, it will not damage the surface.

Buyer’s Guide:

After all the discussion above, you must have got confused about which one is for you. Right? Especially if you are a beginner and looking for your first crossbow target, you must be wondering which one among these targets can be the best crossbow discharge target for you. 

Even if a target is working nicely for an experienced person, you can never be sure that it will work in the same manner for you too. Therefore, you need to make sure that what is your hunting style and experience. Only then you will be able to make an effective decision under your budget and circumstances.

However, you do not need to worry. We are going to give you a brief buyer’s Guide. In short, we will be answering that what is the best crossbow target for you. This way, you would be able to select the best bow and crossbow target under your limited budget. 

Primary Features to Consider:

Categories of Crossbow Targets:

Mainly, there are two types of crossbow targets. Both of them have their pros and cons. Therefore, it depends on you which one matches your hunting taste. And once find it, you can ace your practice sessions and reflect on it throughout your journey.

  1. Bag Targets:

As the name suggests, this target is identical to a bag or sack. Usually, they are lightweight and smaller in size as compared to foam targets. They are commonly built for extensive use and comes with much more density to stop high-speed arrows. Manufacturers designed these bag targets to give enough resistance that the arrows should not be able to penetrate through. Its density is foremost because, without strong density, arrows will penetrate through the target. Moreover, most bag targets come with easy-to-pull features.

However, if you have already started liking the bag target, you should also know that these do not support broadhead arrows. Using broadheads will damage its surface and decrease its lifespan.

  • Foam Targets:

Manufacturers mostly build foam targets in larger sizes than bag targets. They are mostly made with dense material. It also makes it heavy weighted and tough to carry or move around. To make it easier, foam targets often come with a carrying handle. Furthermore, they mostly do not have the feature of easy pull arrow feature. Instead, you would have to use your inner strength to get that out of the target. However, some brands have developed material that self-heals and also allows arrow retrieval easier.

You can use both broadhead and field point arrows for practice. But, make sure that you read its label for better instructions and act accordingly for better results.

  • FPS And Density:

If you have a strong or premium crossbow, you must consider high density or Feet per Second for your crossbow target. It will help your target last longer. Or else your crossbow would end up being destroyed much before its life span. Therefore, if you are looking for a long-lasting crossbow target, then the density or FPS should be your priority. 

  • Arrow Retrieval:

Most hunters ignore the significance of arrow or bolt retrieval. You might be wondering that by adding extra strength for retrieving, you can save some extra pounds. However, you will know its importance when you spend 15 to 20 minutes in hot weather retrieving your arrow. 

Therefore, if you do not have that much patience level, then you should be looking for a bag target. It is easy to remove your arrows from a bag target as compared to the ones made up of foam.

Secondary Features to Consider:

These are the secondary features you should be looking for in your crossbow target. You can also compromise on it because these are additional features. They can improve your experience, but a target can also be perfect without these.

  1. Portability:

Some hunters like to keep their targets fixed in one place. In contrast, most people like to move it all around the place. If you are from the second group, then a lightweight target makes more sense. Moreover, a carrying handle would be a plus.

  • Weatherproof:

Are you willing to practice your aim daily? If yes, then you should be aware that non-weatherproof crossbow targets can get damaged on extreme sunny or rainy days. Therefore, if you want a long-lasting crossbow target, you should have a weatherproof target. However, if your area has nice pleasant weather in all 365 days, then you can skip it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which target is for you? Bag or Foam target?

If you use field points only, then bag targets are for you. In contrast, if you are a hunter who prefers broadhead and/or field points (both), you should go with the foam target. 

What is Feet per Second? And why it matters?

You can find the term FPS (feet per second) in all crossbow target descriptions. They refer to the speed of the arrow it can withstand without sustaining any permanent or significant damage. FPS can vary from each target, and it is crucial to know your bow and target’s FPS to make full use of them. 

These days, most crossbows are shooting at the range of 350+ FPS. However, some powerful crossbows also shoot at the speed of 400 FPS. Plus, if you shoot from close range, it can get up to 450 FPS. 

While buying a crossbow, if you are a beginner, you should know that a target that can control up to 370 or 380 FPS should be enough. However, if you are an experienced hunter and have a premium crossbow, you would have to pay a few extra pounds. These extra pounds will give you a premium quality long-lasting experience.


Here, you have a bundle of options to choose. But, you should make sure that the target you are choosing has all the primary features mentioned in the buyer’s Guide. However, you can compromise in the secondary features section. It depends on your budget.

Moreover, you are looking for your first crossbow target, then you should go for a cheap version. This way you will be able to experience how a crossbow target works. After that, you can buy spend money on a more expensive version too.

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