Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer Review

If you search for the best prize ridge hitman stabilizer review, you will want to keep reading. This article will provide an in-depth evaluation of the trophy ridge hitman stabilizer bow stabilizer. People always look for a bow stabilizer and get confused about the available options. I have collected valuable information about this product to make a wise decision.

Selecting a trophy ridge hitman bow stabilizer review isn’t something you do in a hurry. You will have to take time to read the fine print, and it’s essential that you feel confident about your final choice. It can be a tricky process, but you’ll get a great trophy ridge hitman stabilizer review buy if you follow our tips.

A bow is all about balance, and the trophy ridge hitman arrow stabilizer gives you the best performance by giving you the best in proportion and making your shot more accurate, and getting rid of the handshake that can lead to a missed shot. 

The trophy ridge hitman stabilizer makes sure that you get the most out of your hunting trip, with better accuracy and more game brought back. If a trophy is your goal, this simple accessory can easily help you achieve that goal.

Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer Review

The Hitman Stabilizer is designed to be quiet, accurate, and dependable. The silencing technology reduces vibration and noise, making it practically silent in the field. Weighing in at just 5 ounces, this stabilizer is easy to maneuver and fits in tight spaces with ease. 

The bow ax string dampeners ensure smooth shooting while helping reduce string vibration. This stabilizer has been engineered to stay out of your way while maximizing the effectiveness of your bow.

I have had this stabilizer on my bow for 3 years, and it is 100 percent dead in hand. It does excellent at absorbing vibration and gives you an incredible feeling. I would recommend this stabilizer to anyone looking for a great affordable stabilizer that does exactly what you need it to do. 

I like to shoot about 50-60 pounds, 28″ draw, and have never had to tune my bow or anything else since putting this on. I have only changed strings and cables once in 3 years. I have also noticed that having this mounted on my bow has reduced noise by a pretty significant amount, even without silencers.

Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer is an excellent stabilizer for your bow. It has many features that are great to have on a stabilizer. This is an excellent stabilizer for the price.

  • Firstly, this stabilizer weighs 6.5 ounces. Six ounces is the average weight of a stabilizer, so it’s not too heavy and not too light. It will work fine with your bow without throwing off balance.
  • Secondly, it has a rubber damper. This will help you dampen vibrations when you shoot your bow. It will also help you with balance because it adds more weight to the front of the bow to make up for the importance of the arrows.
  • Thirdly, it has rubber feet on both sides of the stabilizer. These feet are used to grip onto sticky surfaces such as tree bark or dirt. The feet will help keep your bow from slipping when shooting from an incline or decline.
  • Fourthly, there is a ball bearing inside of this stabilizer that makes it easier to spin your bow around when turning in tight spaces like underbrush and trees.

The Trophy Ridge Hitman is a well-designed and high-quality mechanical stabilizer for crossbows with a similar overall length to a rifle. The clean, sleek design blends nicely with the rest of the crossbow and compliments the look. 

Although it is on the price range’s high end, it is worth every penny. If you have the cash and are in the market for a new stabilizer, the Trophy Ridge Hitman should not be overlooked. It has proven itself to me as a model worthy of taking its place among other highly effective stabilizers on the market.

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The Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer is a lightweight stabilizer with an adjustable weight system that allows you to fine-tune your bow. It comes in 9-inch and 6-inch versions. 

The only difference between the two versions is the weight, 100 grams on the 9-inch model and 50 grams on the 6-inch model. Both models feature vibration dampening technology that reduces noise when releasing your arrow.

  1. Installation

To install the Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer, loosen the two Allen screws at the top of your bow’s riser. Place the stabilizer through both holes and tighten them to secure it in place. The stabilizer can be adjusted to either parallel or perpendicular to your bow’s riser.

  1. Adjustment

To adjust the weight of the Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer, loosen its outer sleeve, slide-in or out as many washers as needed, then tighten it again. After doing this, you should dry-fire your bow several times to ensure that it balances appropriately. 

You may need to remove some washers if your bow becomes nose heavy or add them if it becomes tail heavy. This will allow you to achieve maximum accuracy when shooting at longer distances.

  1. It comes In Variety Of Colors

The Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer comes in various colors to match your bow’s camouflage pattern. 

Three color options are Realtree APG, Black, and Black Ops (black with red accents). It measures 12 inches long and weighs 4 ounces by itself, making it easy to carry from place to place.

  1. Durable Construction

This stabilizer features durable construction designed to last for years of heavy use without wearing out or breaking down over time. It is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to damage from moisture and other outdoor elements.

  1. Reduces The Vibration Of Your Bow

The Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer reduces the vibration of your bow. The Hitman Stabilizer is designed to be mounted on the front of your bubble and is made from high-quality aluminum. This stabilizer is 5 inches long, weighs 6 ounces, and comes in black. 

The Hitman features three removable 1-ounce weights. By adding or removing these weights, you can customize the weight of your stabilizer to match your shooting style.

  1. Rubber Dampening Ring

The Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer also features a rubber dampening ring. This ring helps reduce noise and vibrations when you shoot your bow. 

The Hitman also features three rubber dampening rods that fit into each end of the stabilizer. These rods help further reduce any vibrations produced when you shoot your bow.

  1. It Features Two Lengths

The stabilizer comes in two lengths. You can get a 5-inch model or a 10-inch model. In my opinion, you’d do better with the 10-inch model because it will have more dampening properties to help soak up vibration.

  1. Innovative Design

The Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer features an innovative design that combines vibration dampening with a sleek look. This stabilizer features three internal chambers filled with sound dampening material, creating a smooth and quiet shooting experience. 

The Hitman also features a sleek rubber outer shell for superior hand shock absorption. This stabilizer weighs 6 ounces and measures 5 inches in length.

  1. A Good Choice For Archers

Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer is a good choice for archers who like to have a little extra weight at the end of their bow. 

With its 6-inch length, this stabilizer increases your bow’s balance and helps to smooth out the shooting experience. The Hitman Stabilizer comes in black or camouflage colors, with either a straight or angled design.

  1. It Provides Easy Shoot

Trophy Ridge developed this stabilizer to make it easy to shoot accurately. The Hitman Stabilizer has two 12-inch carbon rods, which increase the stability of your bow and significantly reduce vibration. 

The three built-in weights, 30 grams each, can be added or removed in any combination to fit your needs. You can also adjust the stabilizer length by removing one or both of the 12-inch sidebars.


  • It comes in various colors to match your bow’s camouflage pattern.
  • This stabilizer features durable construction.
  • Resistant to damage from moisture and other outdoor elements.
  • Reduces the vibration of your bow.
  • Comes with a mounting bracket.


  • It’s slightly more lightweight.

Bottom Line:

The Trophy Ridge Hitman Stabilizer is a solid product and is a great, cost-effective alternative to some of the more expensive stabilizers on the market. The build and performance are sound, and the adjustments are easy to manipulate. 

We recommend this particular stabilizer for those looking for an inexpensive way to improve their bow hunting experience. I was very pleasantly surprised by the Trophy Ridge Hitman stabilizer and ended up loving it. 

It’s an excellent crossbow accessory that gives you some of the best and most advanced features in this niche while remaining surprisingly budget-friendly. 

The only big negative I can find is that it’s a little on the large side, especially compared to some competitors. But even so, I really would recommend this for the vast majority of crossbow hunters out there.

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